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Welcome to the Parallel Community!
Bringing together people and groups worldwide

The Parallel Community is a network linking people and groups across the world. Here we can express and develop our positive contribution for change - human, social, ecological, creative, commercial and spiritual.

It's a mutual support network and resource for people and groups working to build a new and better world.

It is a container and channel, a forum for ideas, a skills-exchange and a friendship family. Parallel Community brings together and supports people working in different local communities and areas of interest.

It supports people in fulfilling their life-purpose and calling, together, linking those often working in relative isolation. It is as positive, dynamic and varied as the different localities, occupations and interests of its widely-spread spectrum of members around Britain and the wider world.

Millions of people worldwide feel exactly as we do and now it is time to make our voices heard, connect with each other, get on with our work together and create genuine results.

The Parallel Community started in Cornwall in the far southwest of Britain, and the network is spreading everywhere, across borders both national and of the mind and heart.

We link people and groups who otherwise often work in relative isolation in their own areas and social-cultural circles. (We know a little about this, since Parallel Community was born in a place that's quite out of the way, at the end of a long peninsula!)

Doing nothing is not really an option any more
- John Watts (our treasurer).

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The background graphic on this site is of daffodils at Treviscoe in Cornwall

Founded in 2006 in Cornwall, UK

The founder of the Parallel Community, Hamish Miller, passed away on 25th January 2010. His vision was great and his desire passionate for everyone to come together, envision and build a kinder world based on mutual trust, respect and love for each other and for our beautiful planet. He's still around!
More about Hamish: click here

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