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More about the Parallel Community


We are a varied network of people who care passionately about the way the world is heading. We are concerned that the voices of reason and commonsense are no longer clearly heard.

We actively support a more compassionate and mutually understanding way of living, worldwide. We encourage people like you who care about this to come together and work together - wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

Together we can create a bridge to a more joyful world that we're proud to pass to our grandchildren. A world with hope and a future.

It doesn't really matter what you believe, how you frame your sense of reality. If you share the spirit and basic intent of what we're doing, we have grounds to work together.

Whether you're oriented to social, environmental, spiritual, humanitarian, creative, political or other matters, locally or globally, you're welcome to participate - this is a broad-based spectrum of people.

By working with each other, a more powerful collective voice will be given to our concerns, and greater results can arise from our efforts.

And don't think for a moment it can't be done!

Watch a 5-minute video in which Hamish introduces the Parallel Community

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This is for people who feel they are fighting a battle on their own, who feel they're not getting far enough - without realising there are millions of us all in the world and we just need to connect
- Julia Bradley (founder member)

We encourage you to join the Parallel Community to strengthen the positive action we can all take together.

You don't have to agree with everything we say or believe in. But if you like us and the signal we're sending out, we have things to do together.

Our aim is to re-establish humankind's natural rapport with all other beings and with the earth.

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